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History IIP


The Institute of Innovative Professions (IIP) as an independent structural unit was formed in 1999. The IIP successfully implements training and retraining programs for personnel in innovative areas and specialties. As a result of international activities, new for the republic specialties were opened and the first graduation of specialists in Kyrgyzstan was carried out: “Property valuation and management”, “Design”, “Fire safety”, “Expertise and property management”, “Unconventional and renewable energy sources”, "Radio Engineering", "Crisis Management", etc.

Highly professional personnel are involved in the educational process: 12 general educational, 14 graduating departments of KSUTA them. N.Isanova and 5 departments of the IIP, among them are academicians of the Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Academy of Sciences of foreign countries, doctors of science, professors, laureates of state prizes, 11, distinguished scientists of science and education - 7 and more than 50 candidates of science, associate professors.                         Leading experts from Gosregister, UGPS Emergencies Ministry, State Property Management Fund, Bishkek Heads of Architecture, Al-star evaluation agencies, Kapital agencies, audit firm ESEP, and others have actively participated in the implementation of practice-oriented learning programs. Internships in Austria, Hungary, Germany, India, Kazakhstan, Russia and the United States annually improve their skills at courses organized by international organizations accredited to the Kyrgyz Republic: World Bank, ADB, USAID, Ed Net, etc.                         In order to integrate education, science and production, the institute implements a number of international scientific projects with research centers and universities of the United States, Russia, China, Switzerland, and South Korea. The IIP works in the programs of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic, participates in the implementation of the Action Plan of the Intergovernmental Kyrgyz-Russian Commissions on Scientific, Technical and Humanitarian Cooperation and the Action Plan of the Program of Multilateral Trade and Economic Cooperation of the SCO Member States.                         The IIP successfully implemented international projects, including: - “Development of study guides for the course“ Financial and Investment Analysis of Real Estate ”,“ Kemoniks-Kyrgyzstan Land Reform Project ”, USAID;                         - “Developing a unified solution for the privatization program of JSC Kyrgyzenergo”, the World Bank, etc. The Institute took an active part in organizing and conducting the First International Congress of Appraisers.                         The IIP is developing a research base, the MIKAS research center and the regional research station Issyk-Kul of the United Nations Global Awareness Service (GSA), which is included in the International Network AERONET (USA) and the United States World Data Centers (NASA), are successfully working at the Institute. Toronto Canada ozone data collection, to the World Data Center for Greenhouse Gases (Japan), etc. (scientific advisor to prof. Orozaliev MD).                         UN certificates for the Environment Program (UNEP) for significant contributions to research and protection of the ozone layer were received by: prof. Orozaliev MD, v.n.s. Sinyakov V.P. The scientific article of Prof. Orozalieva MD, published in the journal "Study of Earth from Space", according to the results of expert evaluation of scientific works for 2016-2017, was recognized as one of the best and entered the English versions of the journals "Atmospheric Ocean Physics", "Izvestia RAN. Orozaliev MD delivered a report at the X International Symposium of Ozone Research Managers of the Vienna Convention of UNEP in Geneva, his four articles are registered in the Scopus and Web of Science scientometric databases. The IIP successfully implements the contractual research projects, the annual amount of funding is about 800 thousand soms. The results of the successful scientific work of teachers of IIP were awarded the State Prizes of the Kyrgyz Republic in the field of science and technology: prof. Orozaliev MD, Prof. Tolbaev LK, Assoc. Kamaev R.R.                         Teachers of the Department "Design", actively participating in international competitions and exhibitions, won a number of international awards, among them Associate Professor Baiterekov AE, who won 1, 2, 3 places at two International exhibitions in Beijing, 2-place at the International Competition “ETHNO ART FEST” (Russia-Great Britain), 1st place in the nomination “Felt”, Biennale of Contemporary Art, Vladimir, Russia, 2017, he was awarded the title People's Artist of the Kyrgyz Republic (2017) and others.                         In 2016, the Department of ICTD received 2 certificates for computer programs - “Program for access to aerospace images” and “Program for the preliminary processing of aerospace images” (Talypov KK, Albrecht A.G., Akkozov A., Tilenbaeva N.S. .).                         Received certificates of experts Ed Net: Tusubekova N.A., Toichubek uulu A., Rasulov A.A .; certificates of Move Green, US Embassy “Joint disaster risk reduction measures in the Kyrgyz Republic”: N. Bolzhurov. Sharshenalieva G.M. Dyushembaeva; Certificate "International Accreditation" in the Russian Federation - AM Tologonov; DAAD Master's Degree Program - Toychubek v. A., etc.                         Grants received by the Institute: USAID grants; Grants from the Urban Institute; Grants of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic; Grants from the Soros Foundation; Grant Tempus.                         And I created and develops modern, equipped with the latest technology of educational and industrial, scientific base. Computer classes are provided with programs AutoCAD, MathCAD, Corel Draw X3, Adobe Photoshop, ArchiCAD, 3D Max, Pascal, etc. In the IIP, the educational process management system was developed and implemented at the university - “IMS-HEI

Currently, the IIP is: - an active member of the American Association of Economists; - Member of the Board of the Association of Kyrgyz Appraisers (Director of the IIP Prof. Orozaliev MD - Chairman of the OKO Certification Commission); - Member of the Board of the National Confederation of Employers of Kyrgyzstan (Director of the IIP - Prof. Orozaliev MD, Co-Chairman of the Board of the KRK); - a member of the Association EDNET, etc. The Institute has successful experience in training and retraining professional personnel for Gosregistr, GAZprom, Emergency Situations Ministry, Ministry of Finance, construction and appraisal companies. The partners of the Institute of Innovative Professions in the implementation of international programs are:

  • 1.Швейцария Метеосвисс
  • 3.NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center
  • 4.Россия, НПО «Тайфун»,Санкт-Петербургский Институт им. И.Е.Репина
  • 5.С Ш А, “Chemonics” USAID, “Wodrow Wilson Center”
  • 6.Новая Зеландия, Институт Оценки и Менеджмента
  • 7.Испания, Политехнический университет в Каталонии
  • 8.Великобритания, Институт Оценки
  • 9.Республика Казахстан, Институт Оценки
  • 10.Франция, Университет Монтпелиер

Training programs in the IIP are aimed at creating all the conditions for obtaining high-quality higher education in person and in absentia / remotely (without discontinuing professional activities). The student is given the opportunity to choose the main and additional professional education, individual professional trajectory and adjust it as necessary. One of the main advantages of retraining programs (for university graduates and students of 3-4 courses) is the possibility of accelerating the second and additional education in popular specialties and areas.

The Institute provides training and retraining of specialists, bachelors and masters in the following
                         Directions and specialties (full-time and part-time):
Students of the Institute of Innovative Professions:

The institute has all the conditions for the creative and professional development of students. At the 6th International Festival-Competition for theses, the students of the IIP were awarded the 2nd Degree Diploma (Art. Anarbek Kyzy T., Leaders. E. B. Halmurzaeva), a special Diploma (Art Erkinbek Kyzy E., Leaders. I. Ilyushenko .). Graduation and research works of students of the specialties "Design", "Crisis Management", "Software W and IP" won international awards. Students of the IIP-Marat uulu Damir, Emilbekova Bermet, Kariyeva Zhanyl won the Umut Presidential scholarship. The students of the IIP are actively involved in organizing and conducting student activities at the university and the institute, among them are winners of the Asian and World Championships (power lifting), members of the Cheerful Builder KVN team.                                 The team of students of the specialty “Fire Safety” has been leading in the Republican professional competitions in applied sports for many years. The students of the institute have the opportunity to defend their theses in German and English, this experience has been implemented in the field of management and economics.

Graduates of the Institute of Innovative Professions:

Graduate and postgraduate student of IIP - Emilbekova Bermet - General Director of Evaluation Company OCO Kyrgyz Real, Manager of Baker Tilly Vishkek Consulting          Head of the Fire Safety Department, Lieutenant Colonel Akylbek Rasulov          Assel Kyrbasheva (first left) - Head of Pledge Assessment, KICB Bank          Nurlan Kyzy Zhibek Director of design studio OOO "Oium"

The College of the Institute of Innovative Professions provides training in all areas listed in the table (Design, Fire Safety, Economics and Accounting, Banking, Land and Property Relations, Land Management, Technical Operation of Radio Equipment, etc.).          Admission to college for training (on the basis of 9th and 11th classes) without ORT (according to the results of internal testing).

Licenses, certificates, patents

The Institute of Innovative Professions has a license for the right to conduct educational activities in the field of higher professional education No. LD 170000143 and a license for the right to conduct educational activities in the field of secondary professional education No. LC 140000632 of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic also certificates of ENA, EdNet, USAI D and others.


Director of the Institute of Innovative Professions